By Josh Harris, Founder and CEO of Nicemitts

The Beginning

During the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world of hockey faced unprecedented challenges. Ice times were scarce, and many players turned to roller hockey as an alternative. It was during this time that the idea for Nicemitts was born, a brand that would bridge the gap between hockey and athleisure apparel, offering the perfect fit both on and off the rink, and designing a washable glove to combat not only bacteria but to look new and stay fresh 24/7! 

The Spark

It all started with a group of friends who gathered to stay active and connected during the lockdown. As we played, I realized the inconvenience of dealing with sweaty, smelly gloves and the lack of proper athleisure options for hockey players to wear while playing but also after skating. That moment sparked a revelation: what if I could create a hockey brand that not only provided comfortable and stylish athleisure wear for players but also offered machine-washable hockey gloves that could be thoroughly cleaned like regular clothing? It would help players gloves remain fresh during play and stay clean from bacteria but also help eliminate the odor from hockey hands. This was huge! Especially when players are unable to shower or wash their hands immediately after skating. This simple idea to help players wear a product, both apparel and equipment, helping them stay dry and clean, while looking their best, was on the way… 

The Process

The concept of Nicemitts became a beacon of inspiration. The very next day, I began researching the athleisure industry, trying to find a unique niche for the brand. While other sports had their own “stylish” apparel lines, hockey was left wanting. Sure, some hockey brands collaborated with high-end athleisure companies, but the price tags were often insanely expensive. I aimed to change that, and so the mission to design and source versatile, affordable, and hockey-centric apparel began.

The Athleisure

Nicemitts' athleisure line is tailored for hockey players and hockey fans who desire comfort and style in all aspects of their lives. Whether you're on the ice, working out, or going out for a meal, the apparel has you covered. Our motto, "The Perfect Fit Beyond The Rink," reflects our commitment to being more than just a hockey brand. We aspire to foster a strong community of hockey enthusiasts, embracing both players and fans alike to represent their love for the game and look and feel their best no matter the occasion!

Nicemitts Icon Scoop Tee

Our focus on fit and functionality is evident in every aspect of our products. Take, for instance, our performance shorts, which are designed to provide a comfortable fit that complements a hockey player's body without unnecessary bagginess. Our style represents a fusion of fashion and hockey, without overloading the apparel with excessive graphics or slogans. 

The Glove

The next piece of the equation and most significant challenge was crafting the perfect hockey glove—a glove that offered pro level feel and protection with unrestricted movement while being machine washable. Countless hours were spent collaborating with suppliers and prototyping different designs. Finally, after 16 months, three suppliers, and five iterations, Nicemitts succeeded in developing the first ever pro level washer and dryer machine safe hockey glove. 

Nicemitts PSM Gloves

The Nicemitts glove line features a real-feel palm that allows players an unparalleled connection to the puck, enhancing stickhandling and shooting precision. The strategically crafted cuff ensures full range of motion while bridging the gap between the wrist and the elbow pad t offer full protection. The padding throughout the glove is composed of top-quality, dense materials, allowing players to absorb the biggest blows from slashes and shots; all while keeping the glove incredibly lightweight. It’s the perfect glove for players to use at the highest levels of play.

The Logo

The birth of our logo and brand name "Nicemitts" was inspired by my twenty-plus years of playing hockey at a high level. The appreciation for skilled players and the mastery of handling the puck became synonymous with terms like "nice hands" and "silky mitts." These expressions, along with the symbolism of unity and growth found in cancer awareness ribbons, led to the creation of the iconic hockey player silhouette logo merged with a ribbon - a personal experience from my mother who beat cancer, which was a dark time to say the least. The logo represents and includes both male and female hockey players and symbolizes the unification of the hockey community under a common cause, to grow and better the game of hockey.

Nicemitts Logo

The Launch

On July 10, 2023, Nicemitts officially launched, and the date forever holds a special place in my heart. It proves that with the support of the incredible hockey community, that anything is possible. Nicemitts is not just a brand; it is a celebration of the sport we love, a meeting point of hockey and athleisure, and a reminder to "Play Every Day" with style and comfort, and to be our best both on and off the rink.

Thank You

So, here's to Nicemitts, where athleisure meets hockey, and where passion meets purpose. Join Nicemitts on this exciting journey, and together, let's create a community that embodies "The Perfect Fit Beyond The Rink."