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Experience the game like never before with the PSM Hockey Gloves, specifically designed for players who demand complete control and unparalleled comfort on and off the ice. Engineered with precision and innovation, these gloves redefine the standard, offering a revolutionary blend of lightweight construction, pro-level protection, and unmatched comfortability.

Complete Control: The PSM glove line is a game-changer for players seeking absolute control over their hands. With an ultra-lightweight tailored construction, these gloves provide an experience as if you're playing barehanded. Our Real Feel Palm features a robust, reinforced micro synthetic fiber material that moves seamlessly with the player's hands, offering complete control of the puck. 

Pro Level Protection: Unleash your full potential without compromising safety. The PSM's High Density foams and plastics are strategically placed throughout the glove to shield your hands from every angle. With the ability to withstand the heaviest slashes, hooks, and high-velocity shots, these gloves are a fortress on the ice. The gradual opening cuff ensures full range of motion, empowering players to stickhandle and shoot with freedom.

Washer & Dryer Machine Safe: Embrace the convenience without compromising performance and say farewell to the persistent bacteria and unpleasant odor associated with "hockey hands." The PSM's innovative design allows for hassle-free maintenance—simply toss them in the washer and dryer. Now players can experience fresh, odor free gloves that look and feel new during every use!

Comfort Meets Breathability: Step into a new realm of comfort with PSM's tailored design, providing a snug fit that feels like a pair of slippers for your hands. The gloves strike the perfect balance, offering a cozy feel while maintaining the necessary flexibility for peak performance. Moisture-wicking materials and ventilated gussets keep your fingers and palms dry, ensuring a reliable grip on your stick at all times. Say goodbye to slippery palms and hello to a new era of comfort and breathability.

Available in intermediate and senior sizes and come in four different color-ways: Black, Red, Navy, and Red, White, & Navy. 

Upgrade to the PSM Hockey Gloves—where control, protection, and comfort combine for an unparalleled hockey experience.

Glove Design
• Max Comfort

• Ultra Lightweight
• Full Range of Motion
• Pro Level Protection
• Reinforced "Real Feel" Palm
• Machine Washable

Wash Guide
 Machine Wash On Cold

• Wash On Delicates Mode
• Don't Use Heavy Detergents
• Don't Use Softeners or Bleach
• Tumble Dry On Low Heat 
• Keep Out Of Direct Sunlight To
   Prevent Fading When Air Drying

Size Guide
To find your glove size, measure from the base of your fingers to your elbow. 
See the glove sizing graphic for assistance.

INTERMEDIATE 10" 11" 12"
SENIOR 13" 14" 15"